Aug 22, 2006 Continuing Writing

So… I wasn’t getting any writing done at home, so I decided to go hang out in the local café, the Victoria Station Café, run by my friend Dave. Dave is a good guy — bit conservative for a former WAAF radio jockey, but still a fine and wonderful man, and a great slinger of java.

His café is proving a fruitful, if expensive, place to write. I’ve managed to get over 4500 words done today since sitting down here around 9:00 am, and I’ve gotten feedback from my editor on what I’ve done, saying that I’m on the right track. This is good, because for a project this early in to the first draft, it’s tricky to know what it is that you’re working on before you’re done.

One of the things I’m really enjoying about this project is the degree of communication — all the principal writers, having been instructed to communicate and share ideas… are communicating and sharing ideas. That feels good. With any luck, tomorrow I’ll have around 8-10,000 words, and I’ll actually have something to share with everyone else. The goal for tomorrow is to complete one major portion of the text. ALthough I think I’ll need a different environment than this café; too much coffee rots both my stomach and my brain.

Going to head home briefly before deciding whether to go to poetry or not, but planning on going to GotPoetry Live, on the theory that I’ve done a good day’s work and I deserve a break from looking at my computer screen.

Finished: 4,500 words of 20,000! Woohoo!

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  1. Writing for WWGS

    Yeah. If you open up Jerusalem by Night, you’ll see me credited there. But that’s about it for the WoD. Most of my stuff is in Exalted… I wrote a fair chunk of Bastions of the North, most of Houses of the Bull God and a fair chunk of Exalted 2nd Edition. Oh yeah, and I did chunks of Manacle and Coin.

    We’ll goob and geek about it next year.

  2. Good job, man! I ahd no idea you wrote for WW. I’m a big fan of their WoD stuff. If only I’d known in Colorado, I would have talked your ear off about it. Probably good I didn’t or we would have gotten any studying done. LOL

  3. Excellent. I hope to see you tonight as I willbe bringing your book and DVD with me.
    I was supposed to go to Victoria Station awhile ago to see Nicola perform there but I missed it.
    I haven’t been but she raves about the place too. She said I should consider performing there as well. Hmmm

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