Olympic Training Center, Day 3

Day three of training. Yesterday consisted of eight hours of exercise and two hours of rules-explanation and explanation in seminar and context. The combination of physical exercise and mental training is giving my body a serious workout.

I started the week at 293 pounds. During the first workout session, I dropped to 288, and then to 284 by the end of the day. The following morning I was at 291, and then at 284 by lunch, and then at 289 at the end of the day. Most of this is water weight: I’m processing a huge amount of fluids to compensate for the altitude, the dry air, and the amount of exercise. It’s psycho.

But I’m also learning a lot, and I’m already wanting to return next year. This is simply amazing, once you get over the fact that 89% of the people here are already much better athletes than you will ever be, and they tend to look at you as a lazy slob for only doing eight hours of exercises a day.

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