Profoundly Busy

Leah reminds that I haven’t posted to LiveJournal in so long, people probably think I’m dead or something. Probably something, rather than dead, given that I do occasionally appear in public places.

What I’ve been is a) hard at work at the Boy Scout Camp, getting ready for opening days tomorrow and Monday; b) visiting my parents and wrangling a kayak out of them, c) winging around the water in my new kayak, and d) finishing writing the service for the Boy Scout camp’s wednesday night chapel service.

Yes, Pat wrangled me into being the reservation chaplain. Yikes. On Wednesday this week, I met the guy who was the camp chaplain back in the 1950s. Now he’s the district chaplain, and whenever he walks into a room he gets asked to do the prayer.

Leah is really enjoying her kayak; we’re both enjoying our kayaking time. We’ve been out together four times, and she’s been out twice more than that.

I’m going to start keeping a kayak journal so I know where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. Today we were on Quaddick Reservoir, which was lovely but had several wake-loving motorboats. Tuesday we went to Bigelow Hollow Pond, which was about an hour-and-fifteen minutes of kayaking — including a heron sighting. Today we did Hall’s Pond in the afternoon; Leah saw a beaver, and I saw a rock in the water, cleft half-way through in the middle, and the cleft held twelve species of plant, three types of lichen, and six types of moss. Pretty wild. We also saw a turkey vulture on the drive home. Leah found two feathers in the water. I just found (and collected) trash at the boat launch.

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