Middle School Visit

Yesterday, at the request of the minister’s wife at church, I went to the middle school at the next town over and did a demonstration of basic footwork and blade-work skills for fencing. They’re reading Hamlet, and needed some pointers. It went OK. I need some theatrical skills and I need to figure out how to distill the basics of fencing into an hour, but I could easily do this again. Thirty minutes of footwork, ten minutes of equipment and 20 minutes with blades works, especially since the kids have to switch off blades and helmets every 4-6 minutes so everyone gets a chance. It was good, though it made the rest of the day run late by about an hour and a half.

My teaching in the classroom is not going so well. We’ve moved pretty swiftly through Rome, and this is in part because I’ve heard rumblings about how we’re not learning enough. Given yesterday’s performance on oral reports on the bad Roman emperors, I’m not sure that moving fast was a good idea. The class is basically thinking it’s June 5, and they graduated yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.

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