Weekend Off

Off duty this weekend in… jeeze, it’s hard to imagine how long. I was off for Ryk and Melissa’s wedding, and I was off for a drum-n-dance in there somewhere. Other than that, I’ve been on since school came back into session.

A lot is going on. I’m teaching Julius Caesar to my English class. I’m grooving on it. They’re not. I’d read the play once on the plane flight to Sicily, again while in Sicily, and again on the flight back. The whole time I was grooving on it. I don’t think I’ve read a Shakespearean play since I was in college, though I’ve seen several. It’s amazing how good Shakespeare really was, in spite of all the people who say he’s really good.

Last Monday I met my dad down in New Haven for dinner. We had Italian food and talked about Sicily and digital surveillance. Far be it from me to talk about my dad’s politics, but it was the most promising and least acrimonious conversation we’ve had in several years about Washington, DC. He also thinks a war in Iran is a done deal, which worries both of us greatly.

Friday, Leah and I traveled out to central MA for a mystery. We both had roles in a metaphysical journey and quest through the woods, from a guarded gateway past a bothros and a bomos with people playing their guardians and gods, through several other stations, until people came to my station. Eventually, I passed the pilgrims through my station to two more guardians, and eventually to a fire circle. A good time was had by all.

Today Leah and I are too exhausted to move.

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