Outdoor Activities

I took my Outdoor Activities group on a nature walk today.  It snowed for most of the morning, but the sun was shining by the time we got outside, and all the birds (who had been confined to quarters for a day and a half) were out and running/flying around.  We saw a turkey vulture, 2 red-tailed hawks, and a barn swallow, lots of robins, a banded kingfisher, a blue jay, a cardinal, a redstart and a heron.  Lots of birds.  We also identified several plants popping up through the snow: wild strawberry, sipsissewa, partridgeberry, and princess pine.  It was a lovely day.

I also acquired about 12,000 steps on my walking around today. I also did tai chi this morning, a longer set than I’ve done in a while. I still haven’t started my new program yet. The last few days it’s felt dark and dismal — not a good time to start something new. I’d like to add a gym/weight room routine to my exercise, but I’ve been pretty good about sticking to a diet the first week back here at school.

Planning to be at Drum and Dance on Friday, and then supervising a camp-out on Saturday. We’ll see how that goes. At this moment, I’m sitting downstairs on my dorm, supervising study hall. It’s boring, but so far it’s the downstairs that’s giving me the most problems. I’ve yelled at them three times, compared with only once for upstairs. At least the wireless network reaches this far.

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