First Day of Spring Term

Well, I’m back. Sort of.

The Kalends of March sonnet is published and back-dated, on March 31, 2006. Look there if you’d like to read it.

I was looking forward to running the outdoors program this spring with an avid fisherman. He was less eager, but at least he was willing to teach fishing to the kids in the program. Sadly, he was only going to be on-board if no one else was available. At the last minute, we have cancelled our martial arts program, and so he is free to pursue other interests. One of the martial arts coaches will join me in the woods instead. Needless to say, there is disgruntlement about this.

The school’s internet is down, half-heartedly. Sometimes I can get through, and sometimes I can’t.

Washington DC was a success. Again, I got chills from seeing the Wright Brothers’ airplane, which is in a room largely by itself on the second floor at the US Air and Space Museum on the National Mall. Also had the chance to meet , and have dinner with him. He showed me the new Exalted 2e book, which I worked on, and I’m very excited to have my own copies. Anyone interested in playing Exalted 2e, or trading some books for one of my copies?

is coming to my school on Friday. Yes, I’m making arrangements, and pulling together an outline of what you need to do and when you need to be here. How’s around 8:15-8:30 am for an arrival time, and a departure time around 1 pm? People are exciting that you’re coming. I promise to have coffee waiting….

On June 10, in Concord, MA as part of their annual RiverFest, the city of Concord, MA is sponsoring Poetry Al Fresco. The idea is that there will be 4-10 stations around town and on the city’s many nature walks where poets will offer their own poetry in performance, largely revolving around nature, water, spring, summer, weather, and life. I am currently ankle deep in preparations for this, and water appears to be rising fast. If you are interested in being part of RiverFest’s Poetry Al Fresco, please e-mail me or leave a comment to this entry.

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