Tai Chi Day 90

Only a seven minute routine today, but lots of good breathing, and some really tight bits where I was doing almost isometrics with parts of the exercise. I’m slowly coming to some clarity around what I want to do with the second hundred days. Hard to believe that second hundred days will begin in only eleven days, which is (curiously enough) the amount of time before I pack my bags and get on a flight to Sicily.

Between then and now, I’d like to do a couple of 20-minute forms, at least. I haven’t done one in several weeks, and I’m feeling antsy about that. I’m also conscious of how much else I said I’d get done in February that hasn’t been done. I have three comments (first, second and final drafts) hanging over me still, and two exams and the review guides for them still to write. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a fencing match which might easily last 10:30 to 4:30 today; in all honesty, depending on format, I might not get home until 5:30 or even 6:00.

Today’s match and Wednesday’s match are the end, though. Then I have a few days to get everything else in line, though I need review sheets for the exam by Monday. Which means I have to take the time today to figure out what’s going to be on the exams. This is where inventing your plan as you go can really suck. The dean’s reporters are right — I need better command over what I do on a term, quarter, week and day basis; and I need more student buy-in, too.

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