Running went extremely well today. Like, Oh my god I didn’t think I could do that but I DID! That kind of extremely well.

Yesterday I ran from my house to Mr. S’s place, and then down to the maintenance shed. At that point I was really hurting. My gut hurt, my lungs hurt, my body hurt, my knees hurt. Not ache. This was knife-like pain. I had to walk most of the way home, with several pauses along the way. I thought, no way can I do this route tomorrow.

But I got up this morning, did my right-hand tai chi, and then my left-hand tai chi. Goofed arounda little, waited for Leah to call, heard from her, did some laundry… and finally, after much dread and worry… went for the same run.

Up to the stop sign from the speed bump, and then back, then down to Mr. S’s house. Down to Maintenance. Aroundmaintenance. Back up the hill to Mr. S’s. Past the gym. Past the art center. Past the dining hall. Up the hill past the old dining hall. My breathing got really swift and irregular near the end. But I didn’t stop.

I just measured the distance, using the odometer in my car. A mile!

I can run a mile. Ok, maybe not well, and not fast, and I’m wheezing like a hurricane at the end. But that will improve.

I can run a mile.

P.S. Happy New Year. May 2006 suck less than 2005.

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