Tai Chi Day 29

Did my tai chi about 9:00 am, after getting back from Ashford and finishing my book. My form was pretty good, with some of the wrist and elbow clicks included. I’m also much more able to push-off from my feet to generate the full force of the attacks and retreats. My breathing sucked, though. That was Day 29.

Then went for a run, down to S’s house and back. I ran the whole way without stopping, which is in itself a minor miracle after so much sugar, fat, and general food excess over the last few weeks. And I was only puffing slightly when I was done. This now makes two days in a row that I’ve been able to run over vacation, and I’m feeling good about it.

Tomorrow, my goal is to run from here to the stop sign, to S’s house and back. Thursday’s goal is here to the stop sign, to maintenance and back, and then the same for Friday and Saturday. Starting in the next few days, I’d also like to add a chi gong routine to my regular form work. I also need to add 20 minutes of footwork at some point this week — probably tomorrow, since I’m already feeling so virtuous about my workout.

Oh, and our fencing machines came in! I’m so excited about this. We have two functioning set of strips now, and this is going to boost our program into the stratosphere. It’s going to be very cool.

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