Failure 1, Success 5… so why does the failure seem so big?

Successes first: Got my comments done, at least for the moment. Got the order for fencing equipment out the door, with the exception of the two fencing machines and the four reels to make them work. Got my recommendations started for my ninth grade English students going on to secondary school. Another few hours on those, and that task will be behind me. I have no idea how that project will be edited or developed. Not my problem, at least not yet. Got some more work done on a freelance project. Another hour on that, working with the books, and that will be done. Went to poetry tonight, but there was no reading. Instead there was a workshop that wasn’t for my age group. Planned on sitting in a corner and working, but wound up talking to Dave G instead. That was worthwhile. Go

Failure: went to grab my fountain pen tonight and found only the pen cap. That’s two pens lost in a very short space of time. I could just scream in frustration. I have so many things to work on, and no pen to work on them with. Gaah.

I should ask for a new fountain pen for Christmas. Except that Christmas is a month from now, and I have things I want to be working on NOW. It wasn’t in the parking lot, or on the sidewalk outside my house, or on any of the working surfaces in the house… it’s just gone. FUCK.

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