%&@( this — A Rant against IT services at school.

Every time I go and try to put my end-of-term comments into the school’s computer system, I hit an insurmountable obstacle. When I try to log in at school from my laptop, the server blocks me from using the remote access program within the school’s network. When I try to log in from a school computer, either the Faculty-Only computer room is in use by students taking an exam, or I cannot find the database file I’m supposed to access. When I try to log in from a remote location (like my apartment, or the two local cafés with Wi-Fi), the remote access program spins and spins and spins, and never actually lets me log in.

I admit… this is only the tenth or twelfth time I’ve tried, mostly in the last week. My comments are in fact late, and they were in fact due more than two weeks ago. In my defense, my comments are late even when I actually have time to write them — coming up with a plan for a new remedial English class, and coaching one sport while prepping to coach another, has eaten up a lot of my time. In my defense, once I can actually get into the program, I write them pretty quickly, and they’re pretty clean once I’ve entered them.

But I’ve never even seen the log-in screen. I have never managed to get FileMaker up and running, and actually seen the sign-in screen for our comment-writing program. I have wasted most of my exam-week mornings trying to fuss and fiddle and finagle this in a variety of ways, and I have never yet managed it.

I can’t get into it.

I’m by far not the least tech-literate person on campus. I like to think I know what I’m doing. Yet at some level, I CAN’T MAKE THIS WORK. It’s driving me bat-shit, and I’m so sick and tired of wasting my limited time trying to get myself properly connected to one, one, ONE! fucking wet-diarrheic-ass-dripping piece-of-shit program.

My comments would be done by now if I’d spent half the time worklng on using Evaluate that I spent on trying to get into the program. Heck, or even writing this post.

Thank you, and good morning. Have a nice day.

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