I have a lot of things to do before school ends next Saturday at 10am. I have to write comments. I have to create, give, and grade exams. I have to start writing recommendations about my English students. I have to keep the kids on my dorm out of trouble until they go home.

Discovered a kid sleeping in his room half an hour after he was supposed to be at the Enrichment-day program. Strike one. Went to school to attend the enrichment program on plagiarism and cheating. Was told that this wasn’t my session to attend, and I didn’t have to be there. Strike Two. Went to faculty computer room to write comments. couldn’t get into our comment-writing program to save my life. The room was hot, the sun was in my eyes, and some smell was making me feel icky. Strike Three. Update: Sat down to start working on my exams, and discovered I can’t stare at a computer screen for more than a few minutes before my eyes start buzzing and watering. Sick of looking at LCDs. Strike Four. End Update.

Can this day be over yet?

It’s nice that is here… I just wish I felt a little less curmugeonly or cranky.

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