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That was probably more aioli than a person should eat in a single hogtrough serving. Especially with bread. But my GOD, that’s good stuff. How can it not be, composed as it is of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and herbs? I feel like I’ve just self-marinated my innards with deliciousness.

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Desperately far behind on all that needs doing: correcting papers, writing exams, keeping up with comment-writing, all that jazz. Tomorrow during morning activities, gonna hit the computer lab and see about writing all the 9th grade comments, so I have something to work from, to write the 9th grade recommendations for secondary schools over Thanksgiving break. When have we ever been this busy at school? And what makes me think I can run a D&D game in the middle of all the craziness?

D&D on Tuesday actually went OK, though. We ended on a cliff-hanger. Two of the PCs are unconscious and near death, and the third, their sorceror, is dithering. So they know they’re not immortal, I guess. We’ll see if the sorceror can cast his sleep spell to knock out the viper and, and then make a couple of rolls with knowledge bonuses to heal the two combat fools. I have about 1/3 to 1/2 of the module — The Cellars of the Abbey of Gé — written, with luscious descriptions of the rooms and the monsters that inhabit it. I also have a list of all the NPCs in the nearby town, the village of Three Walnuts. OK, there’s only 87 NPCs, and most of them belong to only 18 families, so coming up with names was relatively easy, especially since the Smiths actually do the village’s smith-work, likewise the Coopers, the Brewers, the Carpenters and the Weavers and so on for about a dozen family names. The Abbey of Gé could actually take PCs up to about 4th level, maybe 5th — highly competent professionals, Ben — but that’s dependent on whether the adventurers survive the first module. Ideally, I’d like the Abbey of Gé, the village of Three Walnuts, and the neighboring two towns and connecting wilderness, to be the core area I develop for a regular school D&D game — one I can pull out year after year, developing further and tweaking. I’ve got a lot of artists likely to play over the next few years, and maybe they’ll do art for it over time…. build a file of their drawings and images, and eventually I’ll have a game supplement. 🙂

Took the OA kids to town today, for hot chocolate, and a sit-down with them about what we should do in the spring, and next fall. Sounds like we need to do two or maybe three campouts in the spring, and in autumn ’06. Also need to do workshops on knife use, whittling, and fire-building, and tent-setting. More ropes-course work, and a visit to a rock-climbing gym. More kayaking, more swimming. More, basically, of everything we did. Less of walking the Red Trail every day. More map and compass work, too. More fishing. Lots of stuff on the list for spring and for next fall. Lots of stuff for me to learn — lots of stuff for Mr. B to teach me, lots of stuff for Mr. W to teach me. Basically, lots of everything is the plan.

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