I dunno…

You are Elastica. You like to keep yourself busy.
You dont crave attention or money. You do what
you want and dont care what anyone thinks of
you. Youre spiky, tough and energetic.

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I dunno if this is accurate or not, quite frankly. And I don’t care. Oh, wait, it says that I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, doesn’t it? Well, that’s me.

My colleague B told me tonight that talking or speaking up during meetings is dumb. He’s right. Open mouth, insert foot. I’ve got GA mad at me, I think; I’ve got BS mad at me, I’ve got TA mad at me, and probably some folks I don’t know just hate my guts in a mild, don’t really care, sort-of way. Not talking during meetings — check. Gonna put that one in my planning book.

Had four kids and over for dinner tonight. Norman-style porkchops, stuffed with good things, then slow-cooked in cider and chicken broth. Salad Nicoise, without the egg. Aioli, which was really smashingly tart and delish. Cheesecake, and a typically smarmy brie which is all that’s available in the US. We wound up talking ghosts and angels, spirits and energy, and food from 6:00pm until 8:30 or so. The kids skipped study hall, and went home to bed. We’re neither of us at our best.

Another student on another dorm has spent most of the evening multi-vomiting. Stomach flu by Monday, all over campus. Just in time for examinations week. Joy. Still behind on writing comments, correcting papers, writing exams and cleaning the apartment. What else is new?

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