E-Mail Worries

Managed to get my main e-mail folder down from 52 messages to 18 this morning, by writing to a few people, checking in with a few others, and deleting some things that had passed. I also created a new folder for messages that contain critical info, but that don’t need to be in my face 100% of the time — that I need on a thursday at 4pm in November, but at no other time.

Read over Ben’s notes from the conference yesterday, and disappointed all over again that I wasn’t there. Maybe there will be something else I can go to, later this year. Ben is right, and it really breaks up your week a lot to be able to do a conference.

Last year’s conference in the Spring, on EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING, was really terrific. It really got me inspired about teaching. This year, interest in the continuing program has waned like the moon. Maybe it will pick up later, but for now it’s dead, dead, dead.

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