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Today, in the wake of three students suspended for theft, I gave my English class the responsibility to write on the following subject:

Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy.

I edited it slightly, to Nothing encourages evil so much as mercy, but it’s the same sense that Shakespeare intended in his minor play, Timon of Athens. We’ll see how they do on it. Part of me really wants to make the suspended students read them when they come back in two weeks.

Feel somewhat displaced this week. I’m covering for someone who covered for me a couple of weeks ago, and trying to repay my debts before comments-writing season descends upon me at the end of the month. This means I’m giving up my evening off tomorrow to cover the Library during study hall. Joy.

Right now I’m covering 9th grade study hall in the dormitory. It was going to be quiet, until a kid who was supposed to be away until tomorrow returned tonight. Oh well, so much for that plan. Originally it was only two kids on dormitory tonight during study hall. Now it’s five.

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