Leptis in 2007

Well, the school moved heaven and earth to make it possible for me to go to Leptis. Thanks to all the folks who urged me to try to go. For about six hours on Monday, it looked like I’d be able to go, and miss out on the DC trip. But… then dad called, and said we were going on an earlier trip, one that didn’t involve me skipping school stuff. That elation lasted two days. The earlier trip and the later trip wound up being booked, though, by other passengers.

So… Mom and Dad and I have reservations for 2007.

Allegedly today is my afternoon off. However, I have a stack of things to be corrected which is beginning to resemble the leaning tower of Pisa. I also have no gradebook. As nice and cool as turnitin.com is, and as much as it’s costing the school (I don’t even want to know), the fact is that it DOES NOT DO WHAT I NEED A GRADEBOOK TO DO. Irritating.

I want an online gradebook that allows me to make marking periods. That allows me to scale individual assignments. That allows me to average together several large grades for a smaller one. That allows students to access their grades online. That allows me to enter grades when I’m offline, and sync later on.

Does such a program exist? Probably not, because any teacher who knows what to teach in English class, and how he wants his gradebook to look, has no idea how to code such a program.


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