Updated Clean-up List

Here’s the cleanup list of tasks for my apartment. (E) stands for Easy, (M) stands for medium, and (H) stands for hard levels of difficulty. This is only relative to this list; one should not assume that my bedroom is a pigsty just because it has an H next to it.

1. _X_ Organize bedroom (M)
2. _X_ Clear dining table (E)
3. _X_ Put away clean laundry (E)
4. _X_ Organize linen closet (H)
5. _X_ Organize art closet (H)
6. _X_ Set up filing cabinet (M)
7. _X_ Set up digital scanner (E)
8. _X_ Re-set books on bookshelves (M)
9. _X_ Reorganize roller cart; make it useful (M)
10. _X_ put “church” box and chairs in basement (E)
11. _X_ clear stairwell (E)
12. _X_ Organize & neaten living room (M)
13. _X_ Organize and neaten office (H)
14. _X_ Clean bathroom (H) ( did this for me. I love her)
15. _X_ Clean kitchen floor (M)
16. _X_ Straighten laundry room (M)
17. _X_ Organize desk (E)
18. _X_ Get Apple order in to fix delete key and microphone. (E)
19. ___ Write e-mails to people I’ve not chatted with in a while. (M)
20. ___ Write & memorize poetry (E-M-H?)
21. _X_ Take car in for oil change & 18,000 mile checkup. (E)
22. _X_ Set up desk filing cabinet. (M)
23. _X_ Hang Kunichika print (E)
24. ___ Get Herons print framed and hung (H) {delaying this one}
25. _P_ Vacuum whole house{Vacuumed; Ben lends Dyson Tuesday….}
26. ___ Clean out car @ local carwash. (M) (Re-set: Tuesday pm)
27. _X_ Visit Bank (M) (Wednesday)
28. _X_ Reorganize Kitchen (M)
29. _X_ Reorganize Office (M)
30. _X_ Re-set Altar spaces (M)
31. ___ Reorganize Bedroom (E)

Meeting and for dinner this afternoon; stopping at Sears for organization equipment first. Going to poetry after supper.

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