Multi-Day Update

So I’m home.

Saturday, June 4 was the school dinner-dance.
Sunday, June 5 was Graduation.
Monday June 6 was comments-writing and editing.
Tuesday, June 7 was Act I
Wednesday, June 8 was Act II
Thursday June 9 was editing Acts I and II.
Friday June 10 I painted Leah’s room at her new place.
Saturday, June 11, we moved Leah into her new place.
Sunday, June 12 I went down to my parents house to see my cousins, and my parents.
Monday, June 13 I went to see a new doctor, and went to the Ballet (“Sylvia”, apparently a modern classic).
Tuesday, June 14 I went grocery shopping with mom and got some cooking lessons.
Wednesday, June 15 I went to IKEA and assembled new furniture after driving home.
Thursday, June 16, I drove back to my parents and got the stuff I left behind — namely Acts I & II and III.
Friday, June 17, I mowed the front half of leah’s lawn, went for a walk, and came home to an apartment in need of cleaning.

When does vacation begin?

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