Lovelips-lovely weekend…

came down to town last night. She made us a sweet dinner — tofu with stir-fried veggies and peanut sauce. Then love, love, love — crazy love. Very, very nice.

Yesterday mostly went well. I was wiped after the fencing match and the drive (we did win, but I was nail-biting for a while, since my dad showed up as well). The drive down to the coast and back was the worst part of yesterday’s match — about an hour and a half on the road each way, with two hours of the clash of blades and the quiet voices of the judges in-between. Oh, yeah — and a stop at the most expensive McDonald’s I’ve ever been in. We left here about 8am, and got back a little before 3pm. So no, , there’s no way I cold have made it to the recording sessions. Did they go well?

I’m glad to hear that iWPS went so well. and seem incredibly pleased and positive about the whole experience, and I give them great kudos for their organization and planning. said it’s one of the best nights of slam he’s seen in a while… I am very sorry I missed the whole thing, including set-up time last Tuesday. Life was just scheduled to be very busy around this week…. There will be other opportunities, I guess.

and I are going to The Harvest this morning. It’ll be nice.

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