Very long day yesterday. Full set of classes, and an unexpected visitor. The head of the state organization of independent schools stopped by the school, and so I wound up giving him a tour around the place, talking about what it meant to be a teacher, and what our students were like. He came to a couple of my classes, and sat in at my lunch table. He’s a very elegant guy, probably late sixties, pure white hair, genuine smile, and impeccably dressed. Made himself likable and accessible to the kids instantly and immediately. It was amazing to watch.

Then some afternoon activities, then a drive to Worcester to get my car lined up for an oil change (“no can do today… how ’bout next Tuesday?” and so I’m on for next Tuesday, 2:30pm). Then hung out at the Java Hut for a couple of hours waiting for , delayed because of car problems of his own. Then to F & T’s for conversation, preceded by indian curry at the Indian pizza parlor just down the street from them.

F & T’s house was interesting as always. We didn’t leave until 10:45pm though, almost an hour later than we should have been leaving. And then arriving at Java Hut an hour behind schedule, followed by coffee and further conversation for an hour. I left there at twenty to 1am, arriving home at not quite 2am.

I’m tired this morning.

The expected storm held off completely. We were supposed to get sleet and freezing rain, and the worst I experienced was being behind a truck on the drive home yesterday with water dripping off the back end. A refrigerator truck, I think. Anyway, now it’s snowing, when I can’t use it as an excuse for no going to class or sleeping through morning assembly. And there’s the bell… time to go.

Have a great day, all.

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