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I haven’t yet mentioned this, but I’m featuring at Savage Systems on Wednesday 22 December, at least in theory, after an open mic that (in theory) begins at 8pm.

Where is Savage Systems? you ask.

Well, it’s in Putnam.

Where is Putnam?? I hear you ask.

Well, if you’re coming from Worcester, MA, you’re going to go like this… drive south on I-395 for about 40-45 minutes. You’re going to get off the highway at Route 44, and take a right off the highway. You are now on Route 44 east, headed vaguely in the direction of Hartford. You are going the correct direction if you almost immediately pass Wal-Mart on the left. Stay on Route 44 east until you have passed the baseball field on the right, and gone under the railroad bridge. Keep going until you have gone over the top of the hill, and come down to the stoplight. There will be a bridge ahead of you, and a waterfall on the right side of the bridge (If you pass WINY radio station, you’ve gone too far). Turn right at the last possible right turn before the bridge. Drive past the waterfall on the left. A large, and largely abandoned-looking shopping mall will open on the right-hand side. Savage Systems is in this plaza. You are probably aiming for the one shopfront that has its lights on.

I am not at all sure this reading is going to happen — So, I plan on showing up in the neighborhood of the reading around 7:30-7:45pm or so, and if the reading hasn’t started by 8:30 or the place is completely dark, I will lead whatever people happen to be around that I know back to my place for tea something to nosh on, and a round-robin style reading.

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