Apparently, I double-uploaded a number of CDs into my iTunes. I had doubled versions of a large number of songs. Also, I got some other songs, which apparently had a lot of duplicates. So, I went through my collection today while waiting for some glue to dry on a Christmas project, and weeded out most, but not all, of the doubled-up songs. I did a small amount of weeding of the collection at the same time.

I got rid of almost three days worth of music.

This may sound like a lot, but in fact it’s not so bad. It’s fun to tell people you have over two weeks of music, and that you could listen continuously to music for eighteen days, but in practice I don’t listen to most of it. Listening to fifteen days of music is a major project in and of itself — one which I am not taking on today.

I have to do Christmas shopping, after all.

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