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In 1985 I…
1) started attending boarding school;
2) was working first shift in a warehouse;
3) was trying to cope with my attraction to a girl named Alexis and a boy named Graham at the same time.

In 1990 I…
1) was attending college;
2) was trying to date a girl completely uninterested in me;
3) was a fairly committed Christian (Episcopalian).

In 1995 I…
1) was in seminary;
2) was pretty disgusted with the two years I’d spent working in DC.
3) was lusting after my roommate who was completely uninterested in me.

In 2000 I…
1) was teaching ninth grade history;
2) was coaching basketball;
3) was writing a sonnet a day.

In 2001 I…
1) listened to the WTC/Pentagon/Pennsylvania news on the radio, while copying out the Tao Te Ching‘s chinese characters;
2) walked with my dad from Grand Central Station to Ground Zero in New York, talking through the changed world, on October 16;
3) held my dad’s hand while he cried into his dim sum in Chinatown that afternoon.

In 2002 I…
1) graduated from Wesleyan University with a MALS degree;
2) got back into teaching;
3) started wearing a kilt regularly.

In 2003 I…
1) Started dating
2) Wrote for White Wolf Game Systems;
3) taught sixth, seventh and ninth grade history.

In 2004 I…
1) voted for John Kerry;
2) wrote Percival for the Rite of Passage at SpiritFire
3) really stepped it up as a teacher.

My plans for 2005 include…
1) getting certified to teach in connecticut public schools;
2) writing more poetry, and getting back to work on the epic;
3) Turning thirty-five

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