Down with the Sickness…

Woke this morning unable to breathe and with a serious tightness in my throat. Got up hurriedly to spit out the glop plugging my windpipe, and wound up spitting up a mixture of mucus and blood. It’s eased a little bit since then, but I’m talking funny when I talk at all. It’s rough to talk; I can feel my uvula grinding against the back of my mouth, and there’s a sense of soreness from the back of my jaw to just above my collar-bones. Speaking or swallowing creates this river of fire down the front and back of my throat.

Welcome to vacation.

I’m giving my exam in about five minutes, so I have to jet and get out of here. More post-exam, assuming I’m still conscious. Being up until 1am helping a student write a paper just taxed me to the point of deep frustration.

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