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mstegosaurus, rwgill, ted_badger, javabill, java_poet, badgary, cheesy_goodness, yankeepoet, anselm23, urbanitus, timpressionist, chryslerpoet, theryk, hairy_lamb, ocvictor

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I am part of a clique! is right that cliques are causes of difficulty and horror in high schools, but this isn’t such a bad clique to belong to. For one, they’re all poets. For two, they’re all Worcester-area poets. For three, they’re all good Worcester-area poets. For four, I don’t owe any of them money. For five, it’s a large enough clique that it could be called a ‘crew’. Heck, with a clique of 15, we could put our own boat in the Head of the Charles race and still have a reasonable cheering squad on the shore. That’s not bad.

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