Sudden Wakefulness

When you see this meme, post poetry in your LJ.

sudden wakefulness
pulls me from bed to back porch
to watch Sirius.

Morris, your high-ride
trips switches in brains not yours
not even local

navigating house
reveals shoals of papers, books
eager to wreck me

sink filled with dishes
feels much more wearying
three hours ere dawn

Homer’s drooped poppy
bronze-helmed head lolling on chest
swims in the dream-scape

missing my lady
wondering how she’s doing
want to cup her breast

mom and dad reach out
across undersea cable —
“Streets flooded — advice?”

“borrow gondola” —
a calvin coolidge reply
appropriate, short

wakefulness settles
on these broad shoulders of dawn
that should be dreaming.

dryer starts to spin
yawn sneaks up on kitten-feet
sleep digs in — with claws.

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