Long day…

still have things to do.

Don’t plan on doing them tonight.

First gaming session was ok. Made characters, got some issues around how combat works, figured out, got some ideas for the sort of game session to run tonight… then the phone started ringing, the kids started knocking, and things got a little crazy and overwhelming. Jay went home because we basically ran out of time. It was a bit overwhelming to me, even, and I know that it gets like this from time to time.

Next Monday will be better, I think. The game is starting to fit together in my head.

NaNoWriMo is also making progress — I have the first eight chapters of my novel plotted out, and some stuff on the characters worked out. It’s going well, at least so far. PArt of me is complaining that I’m doing this backwards — characters first, and then plot — but I don’t mind too much. The first goal is to write the story, and then see if it has useable elements for excellence in the future.

Good night, all.

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