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Came home from t’ai chi this morning at 8 or so — gave me a ride before going to work. Tomorrow we may do yoga together rather than t’ai chi, and maybe some meditation. THough I don’t know. It’s supposed to be nice weather for the rest of the week.

Research materials from White Wolf still haven’t arrived. I have 5,400 words left to write, and I need books I don’t have to write about 3,300 of them. My text is due Monday. The four missing books probably have about 500 pages which I’m going to have to read in a real hurry.

Went to the Frantic Rabbit last night. A kid named Matt read a great poem — that was buried inside two other great poems. Three pieces all buried inside each other. I gave him a note, suggested some ways to separate them surgically and heal them. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it won’t. DG did a poem by Juvenal, to which I added one that I thought was by Juvenal but turns out to be by Martial — probably. I had the poem somewhere at home, and I can’t find it, but the form of the poem I gave is startlingly close to Martial’s stuff. The Worcester Slam Team did an amazing set — I was kinda focused on the notebook in front of me, so I didn’t see much of the physical banter attached to each poem, but the SOUND was amazing. Nearly every piece was multi-voiced, and they did a mixture of stuff that was familiar and totally new to me. Good luck in St. Louis, guys… ‘s haiku are good, but strangely formatted for some reason — they all run together. Is that the standard presentation?

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