thank you thank you thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to my party… we raised $150 for the Village Arts Center (hopefully to refinish their floor for more dancing), and something like a hundred cans on top of that for a local food bank under the auspices of FANS WITH CANS.

, you were amazing with D.I.Y.… many folks came up from the drumming crowd and said you were so great. , there were lots of nodding heads and smiling faces during Turtle Woman. , thanks so much for the music set-up, and the smiles, and the hugs, and sticking around for cleanup. , thanks for being a great mistress of ceremonies and for helping to clean up. Chris and Craig, thanks for cleaning-up help, and being there. Forrest and Tiana, thanks for the book. Larry and Irene, thanks for getting the drumming going. Morris, thanks for keeping me grounded. Jane, thanks for keeping me grounded. Rowan, thanks for the happy birthday greetings.

Thank you to everyone for showing up. Oh, I feel so blessed today. There are sixty-odd names in the guest book. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

, my love, you were wonderful, and I could not have made this happen without you pushing me, loving me, seeing me, and helping me. Thank you most of all to you.

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