Today’s weird spam…

The entirety of the message read, “the bearings of the place were taken exactly, and the Moravian continued its route without apparent damage.”

My feature last night was a great success. It was a stunning evening for me, and the audience was amazing, and… well, wow. If offers you a reading at his new venue, the monthy Storytellers’ Evening, congratulations, you’ve made the big time. Wow.

I started a little rocky with the Homeric Hymn to Earth. Then I did Song of Creation, and The Heron. I think Showdown at the Acropolis came next, and then What Momma Don’t Know… (I want to get that one off page…), followed by Judgment of Paris and King Midas. I finished with Percival. I meant to do a 35-45 minute set; I think I did almost an hour instead. recorded it, which I’m very much lookng forward to hearing, and using to get a couple more of these things off-page.

After, we went to and ‘s house, and hung out with Morris, Evert, the silent one, Gary, Kelley, and all the cats. Biscuit is very cute. Conversation ranged over the subjects of poetry, memory, and silliness. I love hanging out there. said she’d be interested in doing some guitar stuff to go along with some of my stuff. I’d love that. Let’s do it sometime after NEXT weekend.

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