What to wear, what to wear…?

It’s only half-past noon, but I’m wondering exactly what I should wear to my feature tonight. I met a couple at Sakura Tokyo last night who actually said they would come, and they noticed me because of the kilt. He’s some sort of crazy proponent of the legal theory that no one has to pay income tax because there’s no actual law that makes us subject to income tax. He and his wife handed be a draft of their pamphlet last night, and it’s a little odd, but one of the nice things about being who I am is that weird and cool people both want to tell me stuff. Based on Oberon’s grimoire of magic, I’m a loremaster, a grey wizard like Gandalf, who just collects information that may or may not be useful. Apparently this is one of those things… So they may show up, and some other folks as well. may come, and a few others…

Anyway, I’m torn about what to wear. I should go back and finish writing Tristam and Iseult. It will take my mind off what I’m going to wear and get on to the important question of what I’m going to perform.

actually went so far as to suggest I should do Death of Atlantis. It’s almost 10 pages, Dave, and probably 25 minutes of performance time. Are you sure you want that to be the first feature?? No one will ever come back…

The set list is actually shaping up pretty nicely. A creation myth from the fiction/epic of Orien I was working on for a long time until I realized I didn’t really have a villan and needed to rethink the piece a bit; The Heron, which I always do because it’s one of my first really good ones; the first read-through of PERCIVAL, lately finished; maybe TRISTAM & ISEULT, if it’s done by 5pm or so; two or three of the Greek Myth pieces…. I was going to do part of BEOWULF, but I did it last night at the youth slam, and it didn’t score very well in the Dead Poets’ Slam…. so maybe I’ll skill Shield’s funeral and do something else. I’ve done both Watches and The Knitting Lesson recently at Worcester venues, so I think I’ll do another one or two of the Greek Myth pieces.

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