Worcester Review Submissions

Had two wonderful days with . And sorry, , but it wasn’t my party to invite you to — pretty much school-faculty-and-immediate-kin-only allowed. We can do a sweat lodge the week after you get out of school though, how about that? We can use the new lodge down at the school’s lean-to.

Realized about 4:00 this afternoon that today was the deadline for Worcester Review submissions. Anxiously went to my printer, found four poems in more or less complete form, and sent them in. Managed to get to the post office JUST as the postmistress was locking the door for the day. Fortunately, she knows me, and she relented. She let me in and postmarked my letter for June 1. Phew. A moment of panic averted.

is the feature tonight at the Frantic Rabbit, and has belly dance practice tonight, so I’m going out to poetry, I guess. invited me back to Cambridge tonight, but I will probably stay in.

It looks like I’m going to be teaching sixth grade again next year, sixth and ninth grade. I’m happy about ninth grade, of course, but sixth grade is going to make me ill. The school has just arranged with some past parents to establish a new teacher-education fund for continuing education; I should talk to L at school about some sixth grade-relevant education classes. Is it at all suspicious to anyone else that sixth-x=Sith? Not to me. That ‘s a bunch of demonic force-users if I’ve ever encountered any such beings. Aiee…

So it’s looking like my vacation is going to be fairly busy, between fencing classes, pagan gatherings, poetry readings, and writing for White Wolf. Lots and lots of stuff going on, and it’s definitely time to get the party started. Welcome, Summer!

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