Post-Weekend Update

Well… health update first. I’m still in the realm of sickness, despite trying to get out of the realm of sickness all weekend. On the way home from ‘s house last night, I hacked up a ball of goop the size of a golf ball. One moment I was coughing, the next moment I had this lump in my mouth, metallic tasting and icky. Spitting it out, I saw that it was mostly clear, which is good — but its size was shocking.

Poetry update — I have a CD! It’s 38 minutes long, and contains 13 pieces, including a cover of a piece by , who runs Joz Tohabi Studios, where I did the recording. It’s a fairly spare and spartan spoken-word CD, no underlying music or ambient sounds, but I think it’s pretty darn cool.

If you are a poet and you read this, do you have any advice about how many CDs I should think about getting made? Advice on covers and labels appreciated, too. Where does one go to get CDs made?

I also should think about putting out a companion book, to go with the CD, eeither more poetry or the same poetry. Hmmm.

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