Hymn for Summer Solstice…

I tend not to get these things ready until the last minute, but something today reminded me that I might have an audience on the actual summer solstice. So… I prepared something in advance.

Rejoice and sing, for Summer now appears!
The Sun begins his longest working day
when he labors most in the turning years:
ripening the grain, baking earth to clay,
tanning the backsides of his devotees.
The buzzing bees make honey, shape the comb;
the very air seems to sweat with sweetness.
Beauty surrounds us: the whispering trees
remind us that Earth is mother, and womb,
enveloping us in life’s bright greenness.

Be glad, and shake off winter’s final tears:
let your summer self run riot and play.
The muddled confusion of springtime clears;
Fair weather and blue sky will surely stay–
rain will be only a refreshing tease,
if it come at all. Watch the squirrel roam
tree to tree, secure in his gentleness.
Look on the ancient oak as it rocks in the breeze,
stately and secure in her root-mazed loam,
its gnarled, ancient limbs a sign of greatness.

We salute thee, Summer: Open our ears
to hear the songbirds join us as we pray
for promises kept, hopes fulfilled, and fears
denied and refused. Help us to seize
the fruits of Spirit’s gifts, and bring us home
from difficult journeys, to peacefulness.
Look how we shine in the Summer Sun’s rays,
at how bright and joyful our souls have grown!
We thank you, Summer, for our happiness.

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