In the immortal words of Dante Aleghiri…

as translated by me into haiku,

“Hi, my name’s Vergil;
I’ll be your tourguide today
and welcome to Hell.”

Today is the first day of exams. I have so much to do in the next six days, including the writing of sixty comments on my students, taking another group of kids to a fencing tournament on Saturday, running around on Sunday, getting kids to clean their rooms before vacation, grading exams, finishing the grading of papers, etc. Lots and lots to do.

Things with are going OK. We talked to one another last night briefly, and we both seemed to be in good space, though I was exhausted. Peter’s mom at the fencing tournament said some nice things about her, and commented on how relationships are often really, really hard when you’re always physically apart.

Heard from . Sounds like he’s winding up his monastic adventures, though maybe he’s got one more across the big water to Scotland. Hope to see him over vacation.

Vacation. My gods, vacation is coming, only seven days away, now. Too much to do, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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