Movies in 20 words or less… sorta.

The goal here is to write a movie synopsis in 20 words or less in a way that makes clear you have either misunderstood the movie completely, or didn’t quite follow what was going on, or focused on the wrong character.

Feel free to play along at home:

The Matrix: A black cat, a woman in red, and a penchant for wearing vinyl lead an impressionable youth to his doom.

The Lord of the Rings: Sam Gamgee doesn’t like foreign food, foreign countries, foreigners, or his tour guides, so he goes home to his garden.

Dark City: a guy trying to get to the beach keeps getting confused by bad subway maps, unannounced construction, and secretive conductors.

Finding Nemo: A father panics that his son is missing, but really the boy is just at the dentist’s.

Pulp Fiction: Two not-so-gentle men of Los Angeles make much ado about nothing while engaged in a comedy of errors.

Moulin Rouge: The opera company loses their sponsorship and money, but they get it back after two hours of singing anachronistic music.

Miracle: The Olympic hockey coach fires a player just like he was fired twenty years before, days before the big game.

Master and Commander: a naturalist scoops Darwin by forty years, but fails to make good his discoveries due to an inconsiderate captain.

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