Looooong Day.

I rolled out of bed at about quarter of five this morning. Couldn’t sleep. Many of the day faculty were missing, which meant that us boarders were covering all the classes and study halls, which meant bye-bye to my free period in the middle of the morning. Things slowed down for one study hall, right after Electives period, and then it was rush-rush-rush until lunch, where I wound up having to explain what a Primary Election is about six times.

Since then, I’ve been going more or less non-stop. There was sort of a slowdown about 2:15pm, that lasted until the phone rang at 2:19pm, and then I talked with a parent until the start of fencing practice at 2:45. After practice, I got in an 8-minute shower or so at 4:00, which lasted until the fight on dorm — where one kid high-kicked another in a beautiful example of what martial arts is supposed to train you to do, and then not actually do. Then the kicking kid wound up in a choking headlock that almost put him out cold. So sorting that out took from separating the combatants — which ate about 15 minutes or so just by itself — until dinner at 6. After dinner, I sat and sorted papers. Not correcting — just sorting stuff I’d already corrected earlier this week. I’ve basically cleared my backlog, but it was rough. Then, another fight on dorm, which wound up landing on top of the ankle of the kid with the cast on his foot and ankle. Not good. We’ll see how it is in the morning. Eek.

Didn’t even get to talk to tonight. Oooh. There she is. She told about her day, and visiting a possible new apartment. The people sound cool, and she sounds excited. The communication with the folks who already live there sounds pretty decent. So maybe she has a new place…

Gods, I’m tired. Bed.

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