Snow Tired…

I’m weary of winter.

I wound up doing another five pages of editorial comment for Melissa on her MP book of poetry over the last five or six days. I was four months late with getting it back to her; I forgot how much stuff gets dumped on me because of school, and the freelance assigment I took from White Wolf. There’s a lot of good stuff in the book; I was delighted she decided to share with me. I was also delighted to have the chance to comment — no writer can resist the temptation to improve another writer’s work.

My own writing has suffered in the last week. I’ve written two pen-and-paper journal entries, a couple of haiku, and not much else. The White Wolf editorial comments will come back sometime this week, and they’ll need to be edited in about 10 days. So that will be horrendously busy, what with comments for school due soon, too.

I’ve started to get back into working on Orien. Not writing actual lines of the poem, but at least rethinking and redefining some stuff. As is usually the case, I’m thinking about dropping the name for the overall project, and just going with the “archipelago” for the moment. Except that this is the name of LeGuin’s world, and I’m not sure I want to go that route, either. One thing I am decided on, is that there is no sense in keeping the islands united under one monarchy. Maybe there can be an imperial house, kin to the rulers of china and japan, who rule in name only while warlords and princes struggle for mastery within the nation’s boundaries. But without multiple rulers, there can be only a very little grand struggle.

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