Afternoon plans…

Planning on going up to Worcester today, about 3:00pm. Need to stop for cat food and kitty litter, maybe a little light grocery shopping, and may swing by Auburn Mall or Barnes and Noble for a book I was sure I had but can’t find and need.

Then, plan on going to Pho Dalat, just around the corner and up the street from Java Hut, and slightly north of Sakura Tokyo, for dinner between 4:30 and 5:30 or so. I like having Pho for dinner before fencing; it gives me a nice warm feeling inside, and it keeps me from freezing afterward. I have fencing practice from 6:30 to 7, and from 8 until 9. Will be at the Jewish Community Center up beyond the Greek Orthodox Church and Assumption College, from 7 until 8, grading papers; then hope to go over to the WAG for the youth slam stuff.

Where, I hope, I will not be mugged, trounced and mistreated for my scoring in the last Java Hut slam. We’ll see.

But hey, at least you can’t say that I was hiding. If you’d like to see me, I plan on making this my rough outline of activities for both this Thursday and next Thursday. After that, plans are subject to change — namely, that the first thursday after all this is given over to hiding from people and recovering some energy. 🙂

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