Sun in Aries II – Persephone

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The Sun enters Aries II on March 30, 2023 at 7:34 pm EDT, making this a night chart. This decan contains the exaltation degree of the Sun, and Austin Coppock called it The Crown, while T. Susan Chang associated it with the 3 of Wands. I’ve written about this decan before, in 2022, 2021, and 2020, and its associations with Persephone as the queen of the underworld.

Astrology chart for 30 March 2023, 7:34 pm EDT over western Massachusetts: Sun at 10° Aries, Moon at 0° Leo, ASC at 13° Libra.

It’s deeply interesting to note that while there are a number of divine couples in the deities of the thirty-six decans — Okeanos and Tethys, Osiris and Isis — Aidoneus (an alternate name for Hades, or possibly the ‘name’ of the underworld god whose ‘title’ is Hades) and Persephone are the only two such deities who sit next to one another, ruling adjacent decans in the same sign. Every axis of the Zodiac also has six decans in it, administered by six of the seven planets. The Cancer-Capricorn axis, for example, lacks a decan administered by Saturn. The Leo-Aquarius axis lacks a decan administered by the Sun. The Virgo-Pisces axis lacks a Moon-decan, and so on.

The Aries-Libra axis is the one which lacks a Mercury-administered decan. When we consider the the deities of the decans track — Hades, Persephone, Eros, Kouros, Nemesis and the Nymphai — we see a procession of chthonic powers, earthly potentates. Hades and Persephone rule the underworld, of course; but Eros and Nemesis are both desire and their consequences; while Kouros and the Nymphai are spirits of place and locality, and the emergent skills and resources that come from those places. This axis of the Zodiac is thus associated with the realms of movement through time and space, and action-reaction, as well as action-consequence. The celestial realms may be eternal, but the chthonic ones have prices to pay; for every deed, there is a price. To put it in modern colloquial terms, F*ck around and find out.

It’s not surprising that the last decan and this one are both arriving with the Sun in the western, reactive part of the sky. In Aries I, we saw the Sun in the eighth house, calling us to responsibility and duty. HTere in Aries II, our minds are on the Others of our lives — professional rivals, significant others, business partners, enemies. The dodeks, or twelfth-parts of signs, reflect this, recapitulating Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio — the peer who threatens us, the partner who makes “home” with us, the partner who keeps our financial life going, the enemy who wounds us. We’re locked in this dance with each of these Others, define ourselves by them, and risk much for maintaining these relationships in one way or another.

Planetary Placements

With the Ascendant in Libra II Two Links of Chain, we have a chart ruled by Venus but administered by Saturn. Yet with both planets in aversion from the sixth and eighth houses, we have to look to Jupiter in Opposition to see where our support comes from — and considerable attention should be given to the Others in our lives, from the perspective of how we balance their being with our own. Reflect on each significant other in your life: spouse or romantic partner, business partner, most important vendors and clients for your business, and rivals or outright foes: who are these people? How do you balance and connect to them? How are you irrevocably joined? Is it possible that some of the ties between you could be loosened, and should they be?

The Nodal Axis remains in Taurus-Scorpio for the moment, with the North Node urging us to identify the hungers associated with new responsibilities and new duties over the next six months, while simultaneously talking out and communicating our financial problems. Chances are pretty good that any money problems you have will be visible this month — Who needs to know about your financial challenges? What new obligations would help repair your budget and balance sheet?

The Midheaven and Imum Coeli are both aligned with their usual houses, the tenth and the fourth — it’s the work you do in your career that brings notice and attention… but all the really satisfactory stuff happens at home — as long as you keep your professional labor under wraps, and recognize that your home and family experience has a place in the social order, neither at the top nor at the bottom of your “to do” list. Where is that place in the range of responsibilities? Where do you think home and family should be? Are there any potential weak-spots in your home security, or in your processes for keeping company data and employer information secret?

Pluto is in Aquarius for the first time since 1798 — an era strongly associated with the rise of authoritarian governments, but also with the organization of masses of people as citizens rather than as subjects… and with the development of the first stages of the Industrial Revolution. We’re seeing the rise of AI, or Artificial Intelligence… but an Italian researcher is asking us to call it Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences… otherwise known as SALAMI. It’s a lot easier to ask and answer questions like “Is this SALAMI sentient?” “Can this SALAMI make decisions?” The first decan of Aquarius is called The Mark of Exile, and it’s a place of prophetic criticism of the existing order — and AI, and its billionaire sponsors, are themselves the existing order. Pluto’s last time in Aquarius was marked by violent revolutions, the wholesale dumping of the divine right of kings, and the centralization of state power in governments nominally under the rulership of the citizenry. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now — but the chart suggests that playful criticism of the existing order is both useful and necessary, as a prelude to a more determined effort to restructuring at a later date.

Saturn and Neptune occupy opposing ends of Pisces in the sixth house — with Saturn having something of the upper hand by its trine-sextile relationships to the Nodes. Austin Coppock once characterized Saturn as “walls” but Neptune as “waves” — and with both in Pisces, they suggest ongoing efforts to establish boundaries, set up limitations, and restructure duty… and equally powerful tides washing away borders, eroding limitations, and collapsing structures of obligation. Currently, Saturn has the upper hand in these negotiations, but over the next two and a half years we can expect the balance of power to shift from authoritarian “owners” or “managers” to more cooperative relationships that empower “doers” and “actors” with both theory and practical skill.

The Seventh House of Others is really at the heart of the chart, with Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury holding the western edge of the sky at sunset. The Sun is approaching exaltation, and enters his sovereign decan The Crown in this chart, but only after sunset — however, both his gracious advisor and attentive messenger defend his rearguard and fend off attacks from behind. Mars, Aries’ ruler, squares from Cancer — suggesting that there may be conflicts between our professional expectations and our more personal relationships. There’s still a suggestion that you should follow the directions that come from your closest partners; it’s useful to remember that we’re already in Islam’s month of Ramadan, that Jewish Pesach is coming on April 6 and that Christianity’s Holy Week will begin during these next ten days — all holidays and holy days with deep cultural and familial roots. Pay attention to where your most important partners lead, and follow the dance steps they need.

At the moment of this chart, the conjunction of Uranus and Venus is underway by degree (only just past by minutes). Robert Hand, in his landmark book Planets in Transit noted that this combination was often associated with exuberant new relationships, often with one’s (he said “opposite”) preferred gender for sexual entanglement. This often suggests an illicit affair to those already married — but it’s worth considering this an opportunity for romantic renewal of a relationship that’s dulled by long familiarity. With the conjunction occurring in the dodek of Scorpio and the decan called The Lingam-Yoni, you may feel that “wow, this new romance is electric” or “it’s sad that we have to keep our love a secret!” But the electric urgency should be as much a warning as a promise — the sextile with the Midheaven suggests that this relationship is likely to become all-too-public. If you’re not willing to deal with the financial fallout — and there will be fallout — enjoy the flirtation but don’t take it to fulfillment.

The Lot of Fortune in the ninth house has its own sextile to Mercury — someone in your list of Important Others is likely to drop a hot tip related to learning, travel, or writing that you should totally follow-up on. This is in part a matter of executive function, but it also may take the form of an intellectual kick in the crotch from someone you regard as a competitor. If you decide to respond, though, don’t respond in kind — rather, do your best to take a contrasting approach rather than a flat-out contradictory one. Competition is good, but direct conflict lands you in hot water: show how your model, or process, complements and contrasts rather than directly fighting your opponent.

Mars has entered Cancer’s first decan, The Mother and Child, and holds his own in the term that he rules. On the one hand, a warrior in full armor makes a poor baby-handler, which is why Mars is in exile in Cancer. On the other hand, grizzled sergeants have taken fresh-out-of-school lieutenants under their wing for decades if not centuries — and helped many a new by-the-book officer to understand the difference between theory and practice. There’s a sense in this chart that you should be on the lookout for a weary veteran of office politics to take you under their wing — but this requires an indirect approach, as well as a level of secrecy in the pursuit of this kind of advice.

Finally, the Moon is in the first degree of Leo, at the so-called “bending” of the Nodes, the place where it’s effectively halfway between them. In roughly 22 days, we’ll have the first (solar) eclipse of 2023, when the Moon re-connects with the Sun in the latter degrees of Aries. The last part of Cancer and these first degrees of Leo are associated with the Tenth Mansion or way-station, “The Lion Head”, whose sign is a roaring lion, and which is a favorite hangout of public officials, public prosecutors, body builders, herbalists, pharmacists, surgeons, and architects — all whose task is to bring strength and health to the body, whether the physical form or the body politic or the civic fabric. Here, the Moon invites us to make decisions with and about our friends and acquaintances — who’s welcome, and who ought to be roared away.

Horoscopes by Rising Sign

Thank you to “Wren” and Heather for using Ko-Fi to make the Aries II column available to the public. Normally the I of each sign is public, the II is closed except to Patreon subscribers, and the III is available to mailing list and Patreon subscribers.

Libra: You may find yourself responding daily to complicated changes —to your schedule, from others, and with your obligations. Complain in private, document in public, reserve your fury for friends who are way out of line. You will not get paid for tasks that get added to your desk unless you document the scope-creep, so keep records. Notice where some training or certification would help you get ahead. A romantic event may emerge over the weekend, but if your financial situation depends on a partner, avoid being made an April fool.

Scorpio: Practice verbalizing your financial concerns, but know that they’re not likely to get better this weekend. Structure your play time for both mystery and surprise but be flexible; home matters may sidetrack you, and your romantic partner may be more focused on work obligations than getting it on. A flirtatious opportunity may arise, but know that no matter how much you plan to keep it a secret, it will become known. Adjust your behavior accordingly. Expect a certain amount of smothering behavior from a difficult teacher, and respond patiently to any travel delays or challenges. You may find more contentment at home.

Sagittarius: Family matters come to the fore, with travel providing opportunities for freedom beyond your local neighborhood. You can plan to have fun, but know that this joy is more likely to take the form of intellectual adjuvant, or playing cool parent or aunt or uncle to the younger generation; any romantic assignations are more likely to be one-off quickies than sustained affairs. Expanded familial duties may be approaching; they’ll be fun at first but have some long-range strings attached. Structure any holiday time away carefully, but ask friends to be on the watch for water issues in your home if you’re away for any length of time. A good time to renew an exercise plan.

Capricorn: You likely feel like a number of great weights have been lifted from your shoulders. You will be able to have your safe place in the establishment you call ‘work’, and clarity about your role in the hierarchy you call ‘home’. Some good financial news may come in the next ten days, that will either give you new freedom to pursue your leisure; or provide for your children differently. You might have to take on some new responsibilities to get this, but recognize that the straitened rules at work are likely to ease up in the months ahead as you become more familiar with them. Big changes at home are expected — and if you initiate any new sexual escapades, start from enthusiastic, informed consent.

Aquarius: Pluto’s twenty-year voyage through your home sign has just begun — but any ‘first glimmers’ of the future may already be apparent. You may have been wedded to the idea of “no future” for some time, but now you may have some sense of how to build your skills as a critic of the existing order into an actual career: you know things, and you can do them. Sure, the money is probably not right yet —your wallet is pinched more than usual (that’s likely to last 2 years or more). But in the day-to-day, you’re likely to come out ahead. Focus on neighborhood, work to make your family more coherent and whole, and brush up on your mental repartee for some new daily battles of wits with a co-worker.

Pisces: There’s a new weight from the world on your shoulders, and at the moment it feels like a daily drudgery, winding your way back and forth to the center of a problem. You probably feel as though all the crap in your life will manifest at once if you solve it, and yet there’s a hunger for answers that’s inescapable. Keep plugging away at this, but know that in the end it may all be illusory — not every problem is solvable, and not every mystery has a single right answer. You may benefit from helping to set your partners finances in order. Try not to critique them — the goal is to hold the big picture in mind while using the detail to resolve issues — not to bludgeon them with their errors. A surprise renewal of ideals is possible.

Aries: Let’s face facts. You are not always good at looking out for others. Most people characterize Aries as among the most selfish of signs: the verb assigned to Aries is “I am”. But… if you can think often in the next ten days, I am generous, or I am helpful, or I am an expert in my field, or I am helping others… you may render a lot of people some great and good assistance. Financial matters may bring you together with a spouse or significant other or business partner in a new and exciting way — but if you share a household already, you might consider some role-play akin to “parent brings the kid in line with a little discipline,” in order to avoid deeper troubles. If your route to and from work involves bridges or floodplains — develop some alternative routes for this spring.

Taurus: While out and about in your neighborhood, you’re likely to encounter things that incite your frustration or even rage, in the same way that impatient parents deal with children or aunts rein in rambunctious nephews —But your real joy comes from luxuriating with friends in the comforts of home, and connecting in new ways with old partners. A significant other has a range of new expectations on them, and you can be a gentle advisor, a subject matter expert, and a reviewer of high-level plans. But, no matter what orders you give, or rules you try to set, they still have to accomplish their own unavoidable tasks; this is a place where giving direction or advice isn’t going to change outcomes much. You may have restrictions on friend-visits for a while, but widening your circle would also be advisable.

Gemini: There’s a remarkable freedom in the next ten days, provided that you can get through a financial challenge that arises: this may be a layoff or even an outright firing, or some kind of “counseling out” through some sort of unattainable remediation plan. Consider letting go early and not fighting — but document your departure and consult a lawyer whatever process you go through; a friend or two may offer a contrary opinion to mine, and you should figure out whether to shout them down… or me. One of us is wrong, but only your localized circumstances will show which is which. A different friend may hold out another kind of flirtatious option, “well, now that you’re not working all the time…” but it’s worth identifying the attached strings before you get in too deep. House and family occupy some attention. What should you hold on to? Far more of your life will be public than you’d like; don’t mouth off too early.

Cancer: Few people can do as much injury to us as those who helped install or upgrade our human software: I’m talking about our parents, and our kids. You may be on a collision course over the holiday weekends of Ramadan/Pesach/Easter with your own family members, and you’re going to have to decide what is public and worth arguing about… and what is your own secret that you keep for the sake of your own healing. A flirtation with a friend may turn serious; you may have new options for advancement in the workplace; you have serious choices to make about long-range training and certification. Just be aware that family and a place of your own may be more important in the long run than wealth or riches — and make plans accordingly.

Leo: I learned recently about typing cats by paw-shape: heart-paw cats want to lie in your lap and snuggle; triangle-paws will are more independent, and only snuggle when they want to; and mountain-paws are aloof until they need something from you, but mostly want to do their own thing — and they’re not afraid to claw or bite to keep their freedom. You may face your own internal questions about this, but start by looking at your regular friends and acquaintances: who do you want to wrap heart-paws around? with whom are you a take-it-or-leave-it mountain-paw? And who gets the claws? You’ve got some unexpected internal battles around this, but you have more freedom to redesign these choices than usual. Additionally, a new partnership may show up that allows you to build new agency for the future — but it will require you to learn some new skills and brush off some old ones, if you plan to crown yourself again.

Virgo: You’re going to have to analyze your own responsibilities to others, these next ten days — because the most important others in your life are going to be throwing up boundaries and dealing with their own limitations, as the storms of their present lives envelop them in clouds of confusion. You can’t help them see through the fog and rain, but you can be sunny about carrying out your own duties, and providing the necessary intellectual and compassionate direction to help them get things done. The skillful navigator knows where the ship is even when the sky is cloudy, and guides the helmsman even when visible chaos is all around; you know where to steer your friends, even when they can’t see the path. Sometimes, this may require some gentle roaring to get them to see reason. Your passions and duty coincide in surprising ways that bring a new enthusiasm.


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