Sun in Sagittarius III – Anangke

Astrology chart for Dec. 11, 2022 - 8:56 pm, in western Massachusetts: Sun at 20° Sagittarius, Moon at 2° Leo, ASC at 17° Leo

The Sun enters Sagittarius III — The Horse’s Skull, according to Austin Coppock‘s naming conventions — on 11 December 2022 at 8:56 pm EST. T. Susan Chang‘s writings on Tarot connect this decan with the ten of wands, an image strongly associated with burdens, labors, and challenging situations born out of our own original enthusiasm.

This decan in a Jupiter-ruled sign is associated with Saturn, and ends with the transition from a Jupiter ruled sign to a Saturn-ruled sign that begins with a Jupiter-administered decan. Thus, we’re seeing a foreshadowing of Saturnian authority, and presaging a drop-off of Jovial responsibility. In some ways, this can be thought of as an end to the norms of human rule, and a return to the rules of nature. Some consider the “rule of nature” to be red in tooth and claw, but it’s fairer to regard it as expansion and contraction, or maybe even more effectively as growth and rest, growth and rest. Jupiter represents the seasons of expansion and increase, as we make vast preparations for holiday seasons ahead; and what follows is a period of rest and turning inward. Don’t neglect the rest period, of you’ll soon burn out!

The sextile between the Sun and Saturn is part and parcel of this year’s season of preparation before the solstice. Our minds are very much aware of the joys and celebrations and personal entertainments ahead of us, represented by the Sun in the fifth house — time with children or time with parents, time with loved ones, and so on. Yet Saturn in the seventh puts unusual strains and tensions on our relationships with our closest loved ones. Holiday seasons are not without anxieties.

The residents of Alexandria looked to Anangke at this time of year. Symbolized by a snake wrapped around an egg and never depicted in human form, she was the “goddess of the gods” — a being that the divinities worshipped in the same way that humans worshipped them. Her name means something like Necessity — the core processes and procedures by which the cosmos and its metaphysical functions remain in operation. The gods recognized that some things were in the hands of Necessity, in the same way that we put some matters in the hands of Fate or Fortune, gods or God. However the universe works in its most mysterious ways, it’s clear that some things are beyond the power of God to alter or change —how does the prayer go? “God grant me the courage to change the things I can change, the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.” The pagan Romans and Greeks would probably recognize this as a prayer to Anangke —some matters, even the gods cannot change, and we have to be prepared to accept that reality. As Jason Miller implied in his recent book Consorting with Spirits, we shouldn’t entirely trust a god or spirit that never says no — Necessity, at times, underlies that refusal.

Planetary Placements

The Sun is below the horizon, making this a night chart —lending extra strength to the Moon in Leo and Mars in Gemini, and diminishing Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter which are all in the wrong hemisphere of the sky. Of these, Mars is the strongest, being succedent and in his own decan, the Hermaphrodite — and being retrograde, the challenges he creates in these ten days are slower to arrive last longer: be wary of problems that arise in your friends group just before winter solstice, and work to solve them promptly!

The Moon has just risen in this chart in Leo I, and shines a Spotlight across the sky to Saturn, who promises to loosen many bonds between you and others, particularly between you and a romantic partner or business partner. Business relationships in particular are likely to be troubled by these next ten days, as the economic climate may have made many business partnerships less viable or make less economic sense. They’re squared by Uranus in the tenth house, indicting that autonomy and personal agency are likely to be more important issues at work than they are usually. Where planets square one another like this, it puts additional pressure on home, where the Imum Coeli suggests argument and contention between you and spouse or housemates.

The Sun in the fifth house draws attention either to your kids, or to your entertainments and pleasures, or both. A source of contention between you and a spouse may be that preparations for the holidays require your attention and participation, but your mind may be on other matters. Remember to carry out your cooking and cleaning duties as you prepare for whatever your winter holidays look like.

Venus, the Lot of Fortune and Mercury all occupy the first decan of Capricorn — suggesting an early and creative start to the holiday season in the next ten days as parties, work with subordinates, and health management and anti-dietary routines all get an early start. This is likely to take the form of menu planning, decoration, household management, and “doing a little each day” to get ready. Professional obligations may be somewhat lessened in the next ten days, but there will be “all hands” events where you’ll be expected to show up and at least pretend to be happy over hors d’oeuvres and a couple of drinks… if you’re in an industry where that sot of thing is normal. However, expect at least some of these parties to cause conflicts at home, unless you invite your spouse or roommate as a +1. Pluto in the third decan suggests some late nights at the office, trying to finish certain projects before the deadline of December 31 — be sure your get in your daily exercise, and don’t get stuck in the desk chair indefinitely.

Saturn in the seventh house brings a sense of disconnection and untangling of messes with a spouse. Help in the annual unfolding of the twinkle lights, and you might find that this is all the trouble that’s caused. Some unraveling of larger problems may be needed before March.

Jupiter and Neptune both occupy the last decan of Pisces The Cup of Blood — expect continuing misinformation and disinformation, especially when it comes to planning your end-of-year finances, your household responsibilities, and shared resources. Your spouse may not have a good handle on your monetary situation, but some clueful communication would be a good idea for both of your sakes.

Uranus in Taurus II The Lingam Yoni put issues of autonomy front and center at work. Some upheaval at this time of year is to be expected, it’s the norm; still, expect more than usual, and expect that you will need to maintain some boundaries. The Midheaven is in the first decan, though, the Plough, indicating that some of what you need to do is related to having a successful project completion in June. Try to remember that your personal agency in your workplace needs to be preserved for a greater success in the middle of next year — and make that case to your supervisors and directors, now.

We end as we began, with Mars in Gemini in the eleventh house. Tempers and tantrums among friends and extended nets of acquaintances are likely to run hot the next ten days, but most people don’t mean anything by it. Apologize quickly or ask for one, but work to remember to mend the breach as soon as it occurs and no lasting harm is likely to accrue. Remember that the temper-flares are part of the stress of the season, and are rarely personal.When it does get personal, or where an apology doesn’t happen right away — and it will come up — set a boundary, and avoid contact for a while.

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