Sun in Leo I: Hephaestus

The Sun arrives in Leo I on July 22, 2022, at 4:07 pm EDT. Austin Coppock called this decan The Spotlight, and I find that it’s often associated with both expertise and being expected to perform in the full view of all — an actor on stage, a comedian at the microphone, a cook in a restaurant with an open kitchen, or a live-streamer on social media making it up as they go. The Spotlight falls on any who dare to put their expertise on display.

Chart of 22 July 2022 at 4:07 pm EDT - Sun at 0 Leo, Moon at 25 Taurus, ASC at 1 Sagittarius.

For that reason, the decan is administrated by Saturn, and overlaps with terms of Jupiter and Venus — thus the Sun rules in a careful and a deliberate way here, seeking Saturnian perfection but also managing expectations in generous and creative ways.

The six decans of Aquarius and Leo together are peculiar in that they lack any decan administrated by the Sun, though — suggesting that the King of the solar system is too busy ripening the grain or the grapes or the grass to indulge in organizing mere humans. The mini-pantheon of six deities from 36 Airs of the Zodiac of the Leo-Aquarius axis consists of Hephaestus, Isis, Serapis, Dike, Phobos, and Osiris — an artisan, a magical priestess, a farmer, a judge, a warrior, and an underworld ruler.

The dodecatemoria of Leo I are re-indications of Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio — the heat of the Sun transforming food into the harvest, the quality of the harvest determining the price at market, and the market circumstances turning ordinary folks into vicious connivers. There’s no guarantee at this time of year that the Sun will shine equally well on all — be alert to your own needs.

I’ve written about Hephaestus before in 2019, 2020, and 2021 — and I began this astrology column in Leo I in 2019. Which means that it’s now the beginning of my fourth year as an astrology columnist. Happy Birthday to this column!

Planetary Positions

The Sun is above the horizon in this chart, making it a day chart and subject to day-like energies. However, both Saturn and Jupiter are below the horizon, and even Mercury is not well-placed, being an evening star rather than a morning star. Accordingly, the Moon, Mars and Venus get a little boost even as the Sun tries to go it alone these next ten days — be aware that your usual boundaries may be weaker than usual, and all your ambitions, imaginations and creative drives will be more nakedly obvious than usual.

The Ascendant is in the first decan of Sagittarius, making the Mutable signs angular and lending a heat of sudden change and quick reversals to the next ten days.

Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn III The Throne, pouring more fuel on the fire of inflation despite efforts to rein it in. Powerful people are trying to keep more for themselves by resisting the urge to raise wages in response, but this imperious behavior can’t last forever — although it will take longer than anyone thinks, to get it fixed.

Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius III The Knot, trying to bind up what has already been loosened too much. Expect family plans to go a little off the rails in the next ten days, as information comes to light that puts risk in stark relief. Cut through obstacles gently.

Neptune is retrograde in Pisces III The Cup of Blood — we can expect a fair bit of zealotry at home and in familial circumstances, which might be the reason for the change of plans suggested by Saturn in the third house.

Jupiter is dignified in Aries I The Double-Bladed Axe in the fifth house by triplicity, lending an expansive generosity and agreeable attitude to otherwise contentious arrangements between parent and child, or between ourselves and our entertainments.

Mars and Uranus occupy Taurus’s second decan The Lingam Yoni in the sixth house — a placement associated with unionization and managerial efforts to thwart it. The North Node and the Moon gives a particular urgency to this energy, in the decan called The Prayer Beads… expect a certain militancy to affect strikes in the heat and frustrations of summer, and don’t be too surprised if unionization efforts wind up in confrontational positions with anti-union forces. Prices for staples and food are likely to keep rising. The Moon is also in the Fifth Mansion, called The White Spot, favorable for kissing up to officials but not so good for keeping friendships intact.

Venus is in Cancer I The Mother and Child in the eighth house, dignified by term and triplicity, but providing a terrible commentary on the state of mothers in the US where the Supreme Court case protecting women’s right to an abortion was overturned last month. The Eighth is the house of responsibility and death, while Venus’s presence in the Mother and Child very much implies stories about young women too young to have children, having to have them anyway. US readers have already heard some horror stories about a ten-year-old girl… expect other such stories to keep emerging for the next while.

Mercury and the Sun are in the first decan of Leo — experts in various fields have a great deal to tell us of deep importance in the next ten days. Be paying attention. Additionally, if you are an expert, be aware that your testimony may take on outsized importance in the next ten days. Be prepared to be right — and recognize that eating crow is more painful to the ego, but healthier and humbler than doubling down on something where you’re proved wrong.

Horoscopes by Rising Sign

Sagittarius: Jupiter is trine, dignified by triplicity, and succedent; mutable signs angular. The next ten days bring new work and frequent changes in schedule; be conscientious and careful around cutting and burning gear, but know that you’re likely to achieve what you set out to do. Make generous plans with friends and relax a little. Family matters require some extra TLC, but financial questions require ongoing attention. A lot of quick travel coming up, but you can anchor yourself with some regular workshops on subjects where you’d like to be more expert.

Capricorn: Saturn is domiciled but inconjunct and cadent. Financial matters take center stage, but a creative approach to nurturing your obligations yields good fruit and forms new delights with peers. Your quick-witted financial acumen may save a business partner or spouse some serious anxiety. Keep a close eye on family elders’ pocket-books and bank accounts; if you have any fiduciary responsibility, be alert to thievery or fraud or phishing directed against them. There’s a host of “honey do” projects at home that need your attention, but slow trips up ladders sometimes end in quick bumpy rides down: play it safe during weekend household maintenance.

Aquarius: Saturn is domiciled; fixed signs are cadent. If you have any responsibilities for eldercare, know that your personal plans may have to get put on hold by those issues; whatever fun you have may wind up getting interrupted. A household expense consumes a windfall bonus. A family relative puts an either/or proposition on the table. A household management task proves surprisingly taxing, but a spouse or business partner thinks its a great learning occasion. Overall, your pessimism probably means you get pushed around by others rather than initiating your own plans in the next ten days — put on a happy face to achieve some personal objectives.

Pisces: Jupiter is dignified by triplicity and succedent but inconjunct. Mutable signs are angular. You’d rather stay home, but some pressing money issues may require that you work hard at getting noticed in professional spaces… need to go to a conference, need to take charge at the office of a difficult project. It won’t necessarily be fun, and you may fail at achieving your aims anyway. One way or another, maintaining personal boundaries is likely to be a challenge in the next ten days, especially in the presence of challenges from family and neighbors. Music, and care for your kids if any, are likely to be a source of relief.

Aries: Mars is dignified by triplicity, and taking joy in the sixth house, but in detriment, cadent and inconjunct. Mars is likely to cause you financial trouble in the next ten days, some surprising and some planned-for. Sort what’s necessary from what’s overly luxurious, so as to have cash on hand. Your spouse may have to with a family matter, and your best play is to be the supportive, responsible one as it plays out — this may require you to be a homebody when you’d rather be the expert at work; or to play host at an event while they’re off dealing with trouble off stage.

Taurus: Venus is sextile and dignified by triplicity and decan. Fixed signs are cadent. Surprise! You’re booked! There’s likely things coming your way that you’d like to do, but you can’t because of unshakable prior commitments. Don’t let resentment get you down — but do pay attention to what the knives and the lighters are doing on a moment-to-moment basis, and try to avoid any sudden surprises. A female family member will try and fail to play mother, or successfully play the child — be knowing about what your spouse can afford to do about their situation, and don’t overpromise what you can’t both deliver.

Gemini: Mercury is sextile, but cadent, peregrine, and combust. Mutable signs are angular. You’re going to have to be in your partner’s business for a bit, as they’re focused on other parts of their personal life right now. You also have to keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind, or a family member will take you to the cleaners. Ironically, that’s where you have the greatest freedom of action, in possibly taking them to the cleaners. None of this is going to make either of you look good to the wider family, though. You’ll have to think about dissolving your business plans, making peace with your responsibilities, and providing fairness in all matters. In the long run, this is likely to serve you best, even if it feels like the others involved don’t deserve it.

Cancer: The Moon is exalted and sextile, and in mutual reception with her ruler, but cadent and in the fifth Mansion of the Moon. You maya face a run-in with political or bureaucratic officials; a spouse or significant other may want to intervene, or get a friend involved— you’re better off either handling it yourself or hiring a pro. Financial matters may involve filling out a FAFSA or higher-education application with stiff fees attached for misrepresentation — consult an expert if you’re unsure about anything; a family member is your best bet here. Favorable conditions are likely to work out in the long run despite any screw-ups: you have do the work, but don’t give in to the attendant anxiety.

Leo: The Sun is domiciled and taking joy in the ninth house, but cadent. Fixed signs are cadent. It’s a good time to travel by your preferred method, but 1) you probably shouldn’t stay put even if you’re tempted, and 2) you need to hammer out a budget for some of your upcoming routines, and cut out the obviously unnecessary expenses. Some personal time can be devoted to the creative acts you think are holiest, but don’t get bogged down in art for art’s sake. Professional commitments, particularly those which pay you, may take a beating this cycle, or maybe you will find a boss is angrier than usual. Be on the lookout for new options, but don’t jump at them just yet.

Virgo: Mercury is cadent, peregrine, combust and inconjunct. Mutable signs are angular. Whatever current project you’re cultivating, make sure you ask for some kind of physical recognition when it’s done. “I want a plaque to hang on my wall, a decorative box for my desk…” Get proof of gratitude, something beyond a line-item on your CV or a letter popped out of the copier. Remind your spouse or significant other to ask for the same. You’re going to work hard these ten days, and in your down time you’ll wonder if it’s worth it. When that proof is on your retirement desk or in your attic, you’ll have some idea of which is true.

Libra: Venus is succedent, dignified by triplicity and decan, but square. Shirley Jackson’s short story “the Lottery” often haunts people for decades. So does Ursula K. LeGuin’s “Those who walk away from Omelas.” Walking away, or staying despite random distress, is one of the ways you’ll find professional renewal in the next days. Explain your decision to a friend clearly. Beat it out to the rhythm of a favorite song during your commute. Tell it to the plants in your garden, or while you’re trying t fix the AC at home. Know your reasons, friend!

Scorpio: Mars is dignified by triplicity but in opposition and in detriment. Oh, you’re hungry for work, are you? beware that your desire for professional advancement doesn’t crimp your style with a significant other, or rely too much on their cash to acheive your aims. You have to get your own capital controls in place here, and that means not rushing out to get what you think best serves your goals… figure out what you can afford first! OR give some big hints for your birthday (and be aware that home may get hit with a big bill for fixes, soon). You may feel like you’re suffering, at a time when others are moving ahead; or you’re stuck at work on projects when others have fun. Learn to find joy in the present task, and the days will pass quicker.


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