Mercury Cazimi

I saw that Mercury would be Cazimi (“in the heart of the Sun”) yesterday from 6:57 pm EDT until 7:10 pm EDT. This means that Mercury will be traveling direct, and passing through the apparent disk of the Sun. In astrological terms, it’s a moment of glorious clarity of communication — and worthy of rhapsodic lyricism. I see that Mr. Mercury is NOT in a great position for talismans for most of the western hemisphere except Hawaii and a bunch of tiny chunks of land in the Pacific Ocean… but it is in a good position for spirit-work for improving your communications with others. And that means creating a poem to attract Mercury’s notice during this cazimi, a tool for ‘ringing them up’ during future cazimis, for improving the quality of conversation.

A number of years ago I made this illustration during another Mercury Cazimi, one that took place during an Inferior/Internal Conjunction. the text that sort of flows in and around the image is that of the Thomas Taylor translation of the Orphic Hymn to Hermes. I have my own hymn to Mercury based on the original Orphic hymn (along with the other six), but it made sense to compose one specifically for today, during the conjunction, for the use of anyone who wants to work with the Mercury cazimi energy in the future, too. After all, this is the Superior or Exterior Conjunction, when the Sun is between Earth and Mercury — or said another way, when Mercury is on the opposite side of the Sun. The Interior or Inferior Conjunction occurs when the Earth passes by Mercury during a retrograde, when both planets are on the same side of the Sun. The Superior Conjunction, which only occurs when Mercury is direct, represents a moment when Mercury is in the presence of the Sun, and picking up new messages in the heavens for delivery to us on Earth.

pen and ink drawing of the figure of the god Mercury standing in front of a muscular strongman over a landscape of hills and green fields.
Hail, Mercury, in the Sun's bright clear heart
thou wingéd herald speaking for the Throne:
Your word might be doubted when far apart 
from your lord — but he sits silent.  Along
does your voice echo in the royal hall.
The Sun approves by not deigning to speak
as your eloquence speaks for him, to all.
All hear his voice in yours, mild and weak,
and none dare show resentment of his sway
when you are his voice — all bow, and obey.

Now the trumpets! Now imperial horns!
The royal pennons fluttering in breeze!
The scroll is unrolled, as every ear yearns 
to hear as the Mouth recites what eye sees!
Will it be clemency for ancient wrongs,
or clarity for future endeavor,
novel lyrics for new popular songs,
timeless phrases enduring forever?
Noble Mercury, of quicksilver speech,
speak insight that brings success within reach!

In today's edict that brings divine light,
Lord Mercury, give wings to mortal tongue:
bring forth the babble of bliss and delight
as sanctified ideas fill fleshly lung
and push forth as pneumatic excitement,
or spill from swift pen to plain paper.
Bring structured speech imparted by Muses,
or purpose born of invented caper —
the perfect thought no expert refuses
but eloquent precision of thought:
divine communion down to Earth is brought!

So… there you are. A hymn composed during a Mercury cazimi, during the greater conjunction, along with an illustration that can be a type or model for future endeavors along these lines and with this occasion when next it occurs. The next cazimi, when both Mercury retrograde and the Sun will occupy the same degree (0° Gemini) occurs on 21 May 2022. May you find these tools helpful in your own work with Mercury!

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