Video: Image Magic

I was on a Discord channel the other day, and we got to talking about the power of image magic to affect consciousness. A lot of people were interested, so I put together a video on the subject — how I’ve used it, how to get started, and why it works.

In discussing this with one of my own magical teachers, he admitted that the insight I brought to the table here — that image magic was in Picatrix and other sources in part to provide training in drawing skills in times and cultures when drawing was prohibited by religious law — was likely unique and essential; but so was the insight that magic done through images is surprisingly powerful even a culture that uses a lot of images.

I hope this proves useful to you.

You can find Sachiko Umoto, Ed Emberley, and Chris Hart wherever you can find art grimoires books for sale — and paint pens, colored pencils, and fineliner felt tip pens in micro dimensions (0.7 or 0.5 mm) are my own preferred tools.

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