Sewing: Moon Haori

It’s already up on Etsy: a new haori in stunning blue-and-gold fabric with a Moon-face design upon it. Price $105 including shipping ($80 if you take delivery in person and I don’t have to go to the post office.

Sized as a Men’s S (fitting 31-33″ chests, approximately), this robe is midnight blue and adorned with a pattern suggestive of the Moon in both its waxing and waning phases, both dark and full.

The garment should be about knee-length on people with a 31-33″ chest, but exceptionally tall and skinny people might find it comes to mid-thigh. Tied on the right-hand side with a pair of ties, it’s perfect for a costume party or a astrology meet-up, or a summer gathering out under the stars. Leave open as a casual statement piece, or tie shut for a more formal, pulled-together look.

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