Sewing: linen shirt

I’ve been reluctant to make shirts in nice fabric, which tends to be twice as expensive as quilting fabric (that runs, say $8 a yard, or $4 with a coupon). However, I need to make some tarot bags and I generally line them with silk or linen for magical insulation. So I went looking for linen, and found enough yardage for bags and for a shirt.

I made the shirt first.

Ok, it still needs buttons. And all the little threads trimmed off. And I got enough parts for about 10 or 12 bag linings, which is excellent.

But it’s the shirt which really pleases me the most. There are a few finicky details in the pattern that I’m still getting wrong. But they’re finicky details, not major errata — and they’re mostly a matter of attending to specific order-of-operations stuff, or greater precision in marking the cloth after cutting the pattern, not fundamental misunderstandings in the making.

I can say, at this point, that I’m a shirt-maker. And that pleases me immensely.

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    • It is hard to find but I don’t think I’ll make this shirt in anything *but* linen or linen-cotton blends, or really fine cotton any more. Muslin isn’t anywhere near nice enough.

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