Sewing: bee-utiful

bee-themed sewing projects: bags of various sizes and shapesI was asked to contribute to an auction project this year, and the theme was bees.  I put one of those bottle bags I made a while back into the pile, but that seemed a little cheap. So I added two small dice bags, two tarot-sized flat bags, and a bee-themed dopp kit.  I also added a much taller bag with a belt loop that would be appropriate for LARPing with some sort of magical thing related to bees on your belt, or maybe for a crystal ball if you’re following the Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals work that Sam is commenting on this week — or maybe just for your shaving gear.

It’s hard to know what people want, really.  And it’s nice when someone comes along and says, “do you have any bee-themed stuff that you could give us or make for us, for this specific event?” We come to an arrangement; I put together a packet of material for them, and ta-da!!! there’s a bee-themed collection of stuff. Whether it sells or not… huh.  It’s not my problem right now, which is surprising and delightful — usually that’s at the core of my problem. 🙂

Anyway, it felt good to churn out a chunk of stuff in a single day.  A typical toiletries kit like the one on the right runs $20, though I may up it to $35; the three tarot bags in the front are $18 (because I line them with silk); the dice-sized bags in the left are usually $15, and the bottle bags are $15; the tall drawstring bag next to the bottle bag is $25.

But you’re not getting any of these. These are spoken for.  You’ll have to find your own bee-utiful accessories.

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  1. Are you allowed to attach your business card to these goods?
    Preferably cards you’ve somehow consecrated to Mercury?

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