Sewing: longer zippers

Blue-green toiletry bagYes, I got some longer zippers (20″ and 14″ polyester zippers, each in about 20 colors some of which are more useful than others). They joined my collection of findings and elements to include in bags.  Yes, it’s a nice addition to the tool-set, because a 7″ zipper produces a tiny bag, and a 9″ zipper produces one that is not much better.

But! A 14″ zipper produces a bag that’s about 4 1/2″ wide, 10″ long, and 3″ high, which is about the right size for a Dopp kit — enough space for shaving gear, brushes or combs, and most other essential components (especially someone on the move who needs things to fit in small, 3-ounces or less for the TSA and their flight carry-on bag.

It turns out that a Dopp kit, or toiletry bag, is named after Charles Doppelt, who moved to the US from Germany about 1900, and designed the bag for his leather-crafting business. Nearly every soldier in World War II on the American side was issued at least one, and the name stuck.

Traditionally these cases are made out of leather, of course — small glass bottles in the early 20th century needed a more-durable case.  But now, perhaps, with hard plastic suitcases, and plastic bottles (and steel-sided shaving cream tanks?) having a washable cloth bag would be more useful?  It’s also possible to use faux leather for a case like this.  I’ll have to see if any of the materials I have would be suitable.

Would you be interested in buying one if I sold them on my Etsy site?

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